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  1. Circle Lenses Review: Geo CK-105 Black & NEO Dali Extra Size Blue

    Hello there. So this is my review for kiwi-berry1’s Geo CK-105 Black & NEO Dali Extra Size Blue. I am in love with both of these and how they look on me… way better than the pink ones.
    I got them on sale, 40% off for both… in the total coming to $31 including shipping. As mentioned before, most of the time they have discounts, which is always the best time to buy. I ordered them the last week of June and got them the following week, first week of July, just in time for AX.
    They come in these little, thick bottles of glass, along with your free complementary contact cases. I’ve never gotten instructions on how to put them on; guess they only come with certain ones? Lastly, a little paper that should say if you leave a review you get 15% off your next purchase.
    Geo CK-105 Black: These are comfy in my opinion, they’re as thick as any other ordinary circle lenses. These are a size 14.2mm, but give off the illusion of a 14.5mm (which are perfect for my small eyes).
    NEO Dali Extra Size Blue: These are also comfy. Now these are, for some reason, thin and that makes it difficult to put on because they tend to flop over on my finger if it is wet. Sometimes I’m scared to take them out of the case because they feel like they could rip at any moment. These are also 14.2mm and give off the illusion of 14.5mm.
    In overall, will keep and always buy from them. So far best prices for circle lenses ($20 at regular price), frequent discounts, and fast shipping.

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