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  1. Greetings from my animal crossing town. Very happy with my drawing. #kawaii  #chibi #drawing #animalcrossing #newleaf

    Greetings from my animal crossing town. Very happy with my drawing. #kawaii #chibi #drawing #animalcrossing #newleaf

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  3. Thirfting for Lolita

    Hello there and welcome to this post! I’d like to share with you the wonders of thrifting… for lolita. Not only that, but also share my experience and so on. With that said… let’s start.

    To be honest… I wasn’t really all in for shopping second hand because I was always raised with buying everything new and my parents never liked for me receiving anything second hand (unless it was from a really close relative). Going second hand shopping never came across my mind at all, till my friend wondyworld suggested going. My first time was okay till my “morals” kicked in and didn’t buy anything. After that, I just went to thrift stores just for fun and months later I made first purchases (after I threw away my morals out the window as I picked out these two blouses with much lolita potential). Since then, I’ve found even more blouses and other things with so much potential. For now, I’ll start with the blouses that made shop for more.

    The first blouse I found was a white button-down… long sleeve blouse with pearls around the collar. I love pearls. When I saw this I was automatically sold and started looking for more. I can easily add lace if I’d like, but I think it looks good as is.

    The second blouse I found was a black button-down short sleeve blouse. What sold me on this was the details it already has on the front and sleeves. I am planning to add matching ruffles and curve the pointy parts of the collar.

    I haven’t gotten a chance to wear them yet, but I am looking forward to it. My only tips to thrifting is to go in with an open mind, see things with potential, and leave those morals of only buying things new behind. The best thing about this is that your finds will mostly likely be one of a kind.

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  5. Sausage Dog - YouTube

    U・x・U soooo cute


  7. Circle Lenses Review: Geo CK-105 Black & NEO Dali Extra Size Blue

    Hello there. So this is my review for kiwi-berry1’s Geo CK-105 Black & NEO Dali Extra Size Blue. I am in love with both of these and how they look on me… way better than the pink ones.
    I got them on sale, 40% off for both… in the total coming to $31 including shipping. As mentioned before, most of the time they have discounts, which is always the best time to buy. I ordered them the last week of June and got them the following week, first week of July, just in time for AX.
    They come in these little, thick bottles of glass, along with your free complementary contact cases. I’ve never gotten instructions on how to put them on; guess they only come with certain ones? Lastly, a little paper that should say if you leave a review you get 15% off your next purchase.
    Geo CK-105 Black: These are comfy in my opinion, they’re as thick as any other ordinary circle lenses. These are a size 14.2mm, but give off the illusion of a 14.5mm (which are perfect for my small eyes).
    NEO Dali Extra Size Blue: These are also comfy. Now these are, for some reason, thin and that makes it difficult to put on because they tend to flop over on my finger if it is wet. Sometimes I’m scared to take them out of the case because they feel like they could rip at any moment. These are also 14.2mm and give off the illusion of 14.5mm.
    In overall, will keep and always buy from them. So far best prices for circle lenses ($20 at regular price), frequent discounts, and fast shipping.

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  9. Hello there again. Here again to show my amateur sewing skills with this love envelope messenger bag replica. I’m not sure who was first to make it, but I did find it on ebay for about $30 (click here). If I had bought the material used for this project, I assume it would of been less than $10 and took about a day and a half to finish. I would of bought it… but I am too cheap right now and I had plenty of pleather laying around.
    It’s not as smooth and neat looking as the other one, but it’s something. This one is slightly bigger (27.5cmx26.5cmx9cm), uses velcro instead of a button, and my heart is very glittery and shiny. As you can see, I lined it with cute striped chiffon.
    It’s all machine sewn, except the heart and velcro. To make it nice and sturdy, I used mounting board for photographs. I had a few from my last photography class and came in very handy for this project.
    I will be using this bag for the two days at LA Anime Expo. Very excited…

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  11. Hello there. Today, I would like to share my amateur sewing skills with this high wasted skirt that has the jumper style to it. Everything was handmade except the blouse (I used a plain white collar blouse and bumped it up). I will be wearing this on my first day of LA Anime Expo (for me it’s the 2nd day). It originally came from a sketch I had and just brought it life.
    This project cost around $20-25 ($2 black fabric, $6 pink fabric, $8 lace, $3 stiff under material, $4 packet of pearls, $1 buttons, and 25 cents for a zipper) and approximately 3 days to put together.
    Skirt: This was machine sewn with straight lines. I used another puffy dress (with a petty coat underneath) to estimate how much I need to make it like that and eyeballed the waist part. From there it was the same measurements for the lace and pink stripes.
    Bow: I am absolutely in love with the bow (it’s very heavy too). Machine sewn with straight lines too. This has about 4 layers for this stiff material that goes underneath to make it stand up.
    Hat: This is hot glued and hand sewn. The base is made out of cardboard. Just basically covered in fabric, hot glue together, sew the ends to give it a sewn look to it, and slapped on the rest with hot glue. The only thing machine sewn is the bow.
    When I put it on with the petty coat, I kind of feel like a ballerina with a puffy tutu…

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  13. Hello there. Today I would like to share my blouse modification I did to use with my lolita outfit I hand made, which I will show you later.
    This project cost me around $13 ($11 for the blouse and $2 for lace) and 1 hour of my time. As you can see it’s very simple looking. All I really did was just add lace to the sleeves, curve the pointy parts of the collar, and add lace to the collar as well.
    Don’t have time to make more cuter because school is cutting into my time and I needed to make many other things as well.

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  15. Hello there! Just here to post my cutesie one dollar finds. It’s hard to find in my town super cute lolita looking things at an affordable price. Luckily, some of my local discount stores carry really cute things… every once in a while.
    1. Pink & Teal Ring: Got this one in a store that sells all kinds of jewelry, make-up, purses, and many more things at discounted prices, except the licensed stuff.
    2. Mint Cameo Necklace & Skull Cameo Earring: A 99 cents store find. I have pink version of the necklace and earring as well. The skull ones were an amazing. Especially to look pretty well made and have them face the opposite ways.
    3. Strawberry Hair Clip: It looks small, but it’s not. It’s as big as my palm or as big as a kabuki face brush. Found this one in a discount store. Most of their hair accessories are all $1. They also had this one in black & white, orange & pink?, and purple & white….
    4. Lip Gloss!: This was actually two dollars, but so cute and worth it. Again, from a discount store. I had a “gatta have it” moment. Smells amazing (smells like cotton candy), has glitter, and it comes with this little vile of clear lips gloss with more GLITTER if you want that extra shine.
    The best part of these finds, was that I didn’t really pay for them. My dearest mother did.

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  17. EoS Candy Jewels G208 Pink from KiwiBerry1

    I personally don’t like them, makes me look pretty creepy. Others that have seen me say it’s pretty good… in natural light. Maybe it’s just that I have darker skin or dark eyes? They were originally going to be $27 (that includes shipping), but I was able to get them half off. Got them for $17. Bought two more pairs for $31 with a 40% coupon. Should get them by next week!

    Flash and natural light:

    Other than that… quality is amazing, fast shipping, and affordable.

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